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Enjoy the freedom of solar with Ohana Energy. We'll custom design a solar plan that's just right for you

No Money


A common misconception is that solar is too expensive. Many think, “I would love to go solar and help the environment but I just can’t afford it.” At Ohana Energy we are able to help families go solar for less than they are already spending on their electricity bills. The way that we see it, you’re already spending the money to go solar, you’re just not getting the benefits and unfortunately you’re overpaying. Our solar options are $0 down! You’re able to use the same money you are already spending on electricity to pay for your solar, and in most cases, it will be less than your current electric bill!!

Custom Savings Proposal

When going solar, it’s important to realize that every home is unique. Even if the square footage and layout of two homes is identical, one family’s lifestyle and energy habits are likely completely different than the other. Because of this, every project will have a unique proposal built with specific savings based on all of the applicable variables.  Curious on how your home would look? Drop us a line and we will have a Ohana Energy team member reach out and start building one for you!

Lower Energy Bills

You may or may not have noticed, but utility rates are going up. This is because of the ever-changing infrastructure or grid that needs to be maintained, especially with thousands of people moving to the valley every month! No matter what the reason, higher rates means higher utility bills and more expenses for residents. Our goal at Ohana Energy is to reduce your monthly expenses as much as possibly which in turn puts money back in your pocket. In the past, the only way to lower your energy bill was by living uncomfortably in your own home; turning the thermostat up, not running those heavy appliances during certain times of the day, etc. If you’re lucky, those sacrifices will save you a couple bucks on your utility bill, but in most cases those sacrifices are tough.


With a solar design customized to your family’s needs, we take pride in helping families live as comfortable as they want by allowing the solar panels to power those heavy appliances instead of using electricity from the grid. This means you can run whatever you want, whenever you want and still enjoy a significantly lower energy bill than you’re paying right now. Whatever your utility company, one of our Energy Consultants will be able to show you how you can lower your energy bills, and take advantage of comfortand savings by going solar!

No-Hassle Installation

When considering going solar, it may seem like a daunting task; approvals, permits, inspections, etc. While there is quite a bit involved in the solar process, at Ohana Energy your journey to going solar will be 100% hassle free. While different cities and jurisdictions have specific requirements that must be followed, for the most part the process will be very similar regardless of where you live.


We start off with an in-home or over the phone energy consultation. One of our experienced and educated Energy Consultants will explain to you how solar works in your specific utility area and answer any and all questions that you may have. We will then show you how much you will save by going solar and find out which financing option is right for you. If we can help you out and it's a good fit, Welcome to the Ohana!

Because we have to make sure that your solar installation comes with at least a 10 year warranty on all parts and areas of the roof that are affected by the installation itself, the next step will be a site survey. We will take a look at your roof and electrical work to make sure that everything is good to go. If your roof is leaking or needs to be replaced, we will want to get that taken care of before everything is ready to be installed. Don't worry though, we can actually help facilitate that for you as well!

Once we have the go ahead that nothing needs to be changed or updated, we will send the project over to our design team. Based on the  amount of sunlight that your roof gets, our design team will find the most efficient and productive location for the solar panels.

After completing your custom solar design, we will send it off to the city for permitting. We will also coordinate with your HOA, if applicable, as well as submit applications to your utility company so that we can make sure and go through the proper channels wherever necessary.

Upon receiving approval, we will  schedule your installation! Install usually takes 1-2 days depending on the size of the system. After installation is complete, the utility company will send out a representative to inspect the system and make sure that everything is up to code and installed correctly. They will then turn your system on and you will begin to enjoy the savings and comfort of going solar!

30 Year Warranty*

Owning your energy Is great, saving money is incredible, and living more comfortably in your home is hard to put a price on. However, all of this is only possible if your solar system is functioning properly! All of the equipment we use is tier 1 quality and comes with at LEAST a 25 year warranty. Which means you have piece of mind knowing that you’re covered and so are the next homeowners if you decide to move. 

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